January 26, 2015

The Book of James: Testing Your Preparedness For Trials and Temptations

The unique prophetic insight of James, the pastor of the first Hebrew Christian Church in Jerusalem, motivated his writing an epistle to his congregation to help them emotionally and spiritually prepare for what he discerned would be unprecedented trials and temptations. He directed their attention to eight specific attitudes that would equip them to tolerate the trials and resist the temptations. History reveals that his discernment was accurate and that his congregation was equipped! The total fiery destruction of the city of Jerusalem in 70 AD did not stop the church and its purpose to spread the Gospel of Christ! In fact, even the instrument of this unprecedented judgment, the Roman Empire, embraced the Gospel in the years that followed.

The Epistle of James that prepared this early church emotionally and spiritually for their trials and temptations was also purposed by the Holy Spirit to prepare believers in the last days (James 5:3) and unto the coming of the Lord (James 5:7). We invite you to join us in a study of James’ most vital letter!

Introduction to James – click to play
Book of James Introduction Handout

James Test 1: Your Attitude toward the Word of God (1:29-27) – click to play
Book of James Test One Handout

James Test 2: Your Attitude toward the Wealth of Others (2:1-13) – click to play
Book of James Test Two Handout

James Test 3: Your Attitude toward the Work of God (2:14-26) – click to play
Book of James Test Three Handout

James Test 4: Your Attitude toward the Words of our Mouth (3:1-12) – click to play
Book of James Test Four Handout

James Test 5: Your Attitude toward the Wisdom from Above (3:13-18) – click to play
Book of James Test Five Handout

James Test 6: Your Attitude toward the World of Compromise (4:1-12) – click to play
Book of James Test Six Handout

James Test 7: Your Attitude toward the Work of our Hands (4:13-5:6) – click to play
Book of James Test Seven Handout

James Test 8: Your Attitude toward the Welfare of Others (5:7-20) – click to play
James Test 8: Tests – click to play
Book of James Test Eight Handout

James Conclusion – click to play
James Conclusion Handout

James Quick Review – click to play

Tests of Book of James Handouts


Christ's bondservant,
Rob Finley

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