So What’s Wrong With Me?

I am looking for a church with a vibrant prayer ministry, an exciting missions program, and preaching that is biblical!

I am wanting to worship without being seduced by the immodest dress of the women, blasted away by the rebellious music of the contemporary “worship” group, and distracted by the tattoos and body piercings of the black-cloaked youth.

I am wanting friends who are less interested in what happened over the weekend at Daytona or the ball game at Dallas and are more interested in what is happening in the prayer room and the mission fields.

I desire a church that is genuine in caring for the poor, the widows, and the fatherless. I am less interested in finding a church that is building its fifth multi-million dollar facility to accommodate the ego of the pastor.

I am seeking to find a congregation where the wives are virtuous, the husbands are faithful, the children are disciplined, and the leaders are biblically discipled.

I desire a congregation who knows less about Kim Kardashian, Justin Bierber, Lady Gaga, or Lindsey Lohan and more about Jim Elliot, Leonard Ravenhill, J. Edwin Orr or Stephen Olford.

I want to worship Sunday morning without the church services bringing distaste to my mouth and a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Why can I not find this kind of church in a city that has more churches than banks? So what is wrong with me?

But, am I alone with these feelings? I wonder if there may be scores, or maybe, hundreds of others out there feeling the same way!

Perhaps the question is not, “What’s wrong with me?” but “What is wrong with the church?”

This past Sunday, I came to the door of the church and knocked. I hoped someone would open the door and let me in. I so wanted to fellowship with him.

The Lord